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Weather events

Estonian weather events in 2012

Period Region Strong anomalies Observed values and their effects
January Kihnu Island high precipitation totals monthly total 109 mm (376 % of normal)
February first decade Tartu  very cold the decadal mean temperature was −20,4 ºC, taking the first place among  the coldest years in the 146-year time series of the station
The end of  February Estonia warmer than normal Februari 29, absolute maximum temperature 6,1 °C  in Heltermaa station
March Estonia warmer than normal monthly mean temperature 0,1 °C (anomaly 2,2 °C )
March Estonia high precipitation totals mean of monthly total 46 mm  (155% of  normal)
April Estonia high precipitation totals mean of monthly total 58 mm (171% of normal)
May second decade Väike-Maarja high precipitation totals the decadal total 69 mm (404% of decadal normal); monthly total 103 mm ( 258% of normal)
June Estonia colder than normal monthly mean temperature 14,5 °C (anomaly −1,4 °C)
June thrd decade Heltermaa high precipitation totals the third decade precipitation total  69 mm (491% of decadal normal)
July 12 Estonia severe thunderstorms many fires
July 7 Nigula (western part of Estonia) heavy rainfall 103 mm in 24 hours
July 30 Estonia tornadoes were mentioned in several areas the strongest of them damaged houses and forest near Põltsamaa town
August fist decade Sorve high precipitation totals 74 mm (389% of the normal) during the first ten days of the month
August second decade Jogeva high precipitation totals 78 mm (324% of normal) in the second decade
September 27-29 Estonia severe thunderstorms wind gusts reached 20 m/s, many  significant damages in towns and forests
November Estonia warmer than normal especially in the middle of the month temperature anomaly in the middle of the month 4 °C
November 30 areas in northern Estonia Heavy snowstorm affected areas in northern Estonia due to lake-effect
December Estonia very cold especially during the first 20 days (anomaly in some areas up to −5,0 °C)
The Year 2012 Estonia the wettest in 50 years the annual mean precipitation was 854 mm (normal for the reference period is 627 mm)